EPS Tools

Since they first appeared in 1986, tools for making a variety of EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) items have constituted a primary area of expertise at NEK Værktøjsfabrik.

Our EPS department has developed in step with the increasing success of the material. The industry has long since realised the numerous advantages of EPS: low weight, shock absorbency, hygiene, chemical inertness, insulation and financial viability.

EPS is used at temperatures from -180º to +80ºC and can be made into units of almost any shape.


We manufacture all kinds of tools for EPS and EPP. From the tools with many cavities for large 1 cavity tools, also with side pull, or embedded components. The surfaces can be etched or coated with Teflon. NEK is one of the market leaders, and provide tools for all of Europe.

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